Servlet Library v0.4 Released

LogDigger Servlet Library v0.4 has been released today. The major improvement is handling of Log4j logging levels on the server side, as explained bellow.

Performance effect of the new LogDigger servlet library is near to none:

  1. When there are no requests from authorized LogDigger clients (Firefox extension) all Log4j loggers in web application have their logging levels set at configuration defaults.
  2. If LogDigger client accesses application requiring logs on the “server level”, no changes will be made to default logging levels and log messages will be collected and delivered as they pass Log4j event filtering mechanism.
  3. When LogDigger client requires messages at level that is lower than logger’s default, LogDigger will temporary (until HTTP request completes) set logging level to the requested level and collect messages. Other Log4j appenders will not be affected by this change as LogDigger filters events before they’re delivered to configured appenders.

Above described mechanism can be tested using our Test Lab page delivered with the new demo application.

Log4j logging levels test in servlet

Log4j logging levels test in servlet

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