Capture application errors

with all the useful details

and nail down bugs faster!

LogDigger tools help you collect and classify detailed
error reports and logs for your Java applications.

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Monitor your Java app healthIn case of error, LogDigger collects request-level logs, context and environment details and notifies you instantly.


Fix bugs more rapidlyWith error insights provided by LogDigger, developers can reproduce and track down issues faster.


Give proactive customer supportSee who’s having an issue with your application and act while user is still thinking whether to call you or leave.


Free, lightweight and easy to integrate

  • Works with any Java web development framework.
  • Only 500KB in size, no external dependencies.
  • Standard Edition is FREE for use and distribution with both non-commercial and commercial applications.

Detailed error reports created automatically

On an exception logged or thrown, LogDigger creates an error report containing:

  • Context related data (accessed URL, POST params, server info, etc.)
  • Request-level logs
  • Custom application data

List user actions preceding the error

LogDigger Connector can track user actions and include the recent history with created error reports, helping developers in reproducing and tracking down the bug.

Multiple error notification mechanisms

  • Send an email (with link to details or have them included)
  • Pull via RSS
  • Build a custom module and send via HTTP POST
  • Send to BugDigger service for automatic sorting, notifications and issue submission to bug tracker

Built-in web interface for error insights

There’s no need for an external error logging server (or service) as LogDigger Connector 3.x has a simple web module accessible within your application. Use it to review all collected error details and related log messages.

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